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Formerly- Kelli's Mind, Body & Spirit Consulting
I’m an Healer & Coach specializing in a variety of services, virtually through Zoom.



I’ve been going to Kelli since February 2019 for reiki treatments. Today, I tried out the crystal therapy mat. My lower back has been bothering me all week and even a trip to the chiropractor didn’t alleviate the pain in full. I had the treatment about 22 hours ago. During the treatment I felt very relaxed as I felt the reiki activated through the crystals and the crystal mat. I felt the heat working through my body and things working their way out. At the end of the treatment my back didn’t feel any better but I felt much more relaxed. This morning, 20 hours after treatment my back pain is essentially gone. I am now a believer in the crystal therapy and will use it as part of my regimen with Kelli.


Kelli has helped me with many problems and issues, she really knows how to help you learn about yourself and how to better yourself. You just know you can talk to her and that she will listen and help you. I definitely recommend Kelli’s reiki and life coaching, they really do change your life and your thinking.


Completely relaxed and re-energized after each visit. My focus returns and the pain in my hip and shoulder are gone. Kelli is a true master of Reiki!!!


recommends Kelli's Mind, Body & Spirit Consulting.

I had my first Reiki appointment with Kelli, today. Kelli is very kind, gentle, professional and gifted. She proved that she has great intuition and sense of her client. The conversation we had after the experience was eye opening. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Kelli.

Stacey Jean- 

recommends Kelli's Mind, Body & Spirit Consulting.

I’ve received Reiki treatments from Kelli which inspired me to take her Reiki certification class. So far, I’ve completed my Reiki I certification and have started to treat my friends, family and coworkers. Reiki has helped me feel more balanced and grounded in life and has improved my overall wellbeing. I will continue to receive treatments from Kelli and further my Reiki studies. It’s absolutely life changing.

Wanda J-

I really enjoyed my experience with Kelli I love the fact after treatment she really explained what was going on during the treatment. Those extra minutes really means a lot. I love the new crystal matt it is a must have treatment I did not really seem to experience anything but, I am like WOW!! I feel really energized the next day. Will be going to have more of the matt reiki. Thank you Kelli for being you

Paul Amo-

What an amazing, relaxing and educational experience I had with Kelli. She took the time to explain, listen to me and guide me through the process. I will definitely be having more sessions. It's been a week since my first session and I'm still feeling the benefits. Thank you so much Kelli.

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